Monday, 19 February 2018

Amazon Affiliate Marketing with Azon Profit Builder

It’s a super-quick review site builder called Azon Profit Builder.
The launch pricing is about to end so I wanted to get a quick FAQ out and answer some common questions such as…
  1. How do I get an Amazon affiliate link?
  2. Do I need a to buy web hosting?
  3. Are you personally using this tool Jim?
  4. Should I get the Pro version?
  5. How do I decide which niches to go into?
  6. How can I get search engine ranking?
  7. How else can I get traffic?
Whether you already bought Azon Profit Builder or not, you really should read this.
Before I get started though, please take a gander at today’s top sponsor advertiser’s offer from my friend Roy Carter…

OK, lets dig in with today’s Amazon Affiliate Marketing / Azon Profit Builder FAQ:

1. How do I get an Amazon affiliate link?

To get an affiliate ID from Amazon you go here:
Just click the yellow “join now for free” button at the top right. Don’t be confused by the earn “advertising fees” statement, that’s just what Amazon calls commissions.
Oh, and upon signup they will ask you to enter your domain name. If you do not have one yet, just grab one for your first niche affiliate site at and enter that domain name in the box. They won’t check out your site until you start making sales anyway.
While the Azon Profit Builder lets you build sites on their domain, I suggest you get your own domain name for each niche site you build. It’s as simple as grabbing a domain and entering the nameservers at your registrar so the domain points to the azon profit builder site. (They show you how inside.)

2. Do I need to buy web hosting with Azon Profit Builder?

No. The Azon Profit Builder is a web-based app. So you do NOT need to buy web hosting, as this tool comes with lifetime hosting for all the sites you build. That’s a big convenience and also a nice savings.
To set up an Amazon niche site, you simply log in, click a few buttons and your entire website is built for you instantly. It already contains the required Amazon disclaimer at the bottom of all your pages.
Oh, and inside they include a handful of brief, helpful training videos that show you exactly how to build your affiliate site. Right to the point and easy to understand.

3. Are you personally using this Amazon affiliate site building tool Jim?

Yes. This month Amazon just reopened their affiliate program to residents of my state of Rhode Island. 
I had built Amazon affiliate sites for clients in the past using George K’s Associate Goliath plugin which requires a self-hosted WordPress site. So I was familiar with the process, 
As a test of the tool, I built a novelty sock store at and loved the process.

4. Should I get the Pro version?

You do not need the pro version, as the regular version does a great job. But the Pro version gives to some extras as you’ll see at my smartwatch site.
It adds youtube review videos to the product posts, as well as social share buttons to get you some more traction. It also lets you add amazon product reviews in frames, which is allowed by Amazon.

5. How do I decide what niches to go into?

Well, there are lots of ways to do that. Most ways involve long and involved keyword research strategies.
But since these sites are so easy and quick to create (literally minutes) I’m taking another approach. I’m creating a bunch of them and seeing which ones work best.
Here’s the sneaky way I found the niche for my new novelty sock shop.
  • novelty
  • cool
  • stylish
  • trendy
Then enter the letter “a” and see what shows up. Next, replace the letter “a” with the letter “b” and see what shows up. And so on and so on, right through the alphabet.
Those are products customers search for.
For example, when I entered trendy + the letter “s” I saw trendy sunglasses appear in the search bar. Now that would be a great niche for the Azon Profit Builder.
With Azon Profit Builder, it is best to choose niches with products that people like to “browse” pictures of.
That’s because this web-based tool builds “instagram” style sites with a gallery of pictures. And they look awesome on computer, tablet or smartphone.
If you want to go for niches with more expensive products (bigger commissions) then instead of words like those above, use words like these…
  • expensive
  • high end
  • luxury
  • costly
  • pricey
Doing this for one minute I found a few great examples: (Steal these if you want.)
  • luxury dog beds
  • luxury luggage
  • expensive watches
You can also use that same trick at Google. Their search bar has autocomplete too 

6. How can I get search engine ranking?

Google and other search engines really like original content, as well as in-depth content.
So if you want better search engine ranking you should spend some time expanding and elaborating on your best product posts.
Just go to the published post in your WordPress admin area and edit it. Then add more written content that makes the review more interesting or entertaining. Add extra details about the product or review it in more detail. Answer every possible question a buyer might have and you’ll make them happy and Google happy.

7. How else can I get traffic?

There are lots of ways to get traffic to your amazon affiliate sites. Don’t just wait for search engines to find you.
Obviously you could just start buying traffic but I don’t recommend that. After all, Amazon commission are not 50% like you see in the Internet marketing space.
My smartwatch site is in the electronics category which pays just 4%. So I plan to build traffic with free and almost free methods.

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